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Sunday 22nd December 2013

For the first time in the events history, the Autotrader FAST Racing Series was held on a Saturday night. For Speedway side of the action at Perth Motorplex and round three of the series, it attracted a record 143 entries, with the pits so full that the new extended grass area had to be used!

With more than 100 Drag Racing teams in as well, it added to a busy night of high activity and FAST racing!



360 Sprintcars

A good field of 360 Sprintcars were also on hand for tonight action as a prelude to their next round of the Power Series here on the 3rd and 4th of January.

Qualifying started the night, with Sean Zemunik setting quicktime with 14.850 ahead of Kris Coyle (14.940)  and Shane Norris (15.012)

Race one saw Kris Coyle lead away Sean Zemunik and Jake-Beard Miller. Despite getting himself into heavy lapped traffic Coyle was never headed and took the win from Zemunik and Beard-Miller.

Race two was the Sean Zemunik show as he led from go to whoa. Behind him Kris Coyle was cutting through the field and claimed second as the flag flew while Dean Terry finished third.

The third race saw Daniel Hawkins in the lead early as he and Sheldon Brady in second raced away from the rest of the field. Hawkins claimed the win from Brady and De Paioli, but Brady was later relegated, giving De Paioli second and Jason Pryde third.

Come feature time and it was Coyle and Zemunik on the front row together. Zemunik and Coyle gave each other nothing at the start and they raced side by side into the first corner until Coyle lost it in front of the field, somehow having everyone else avoid any major damage. The restart saw Zemunik away again with Beard-miller flying by on the outside. The two made contact but kept going, though it cost Zemunik a few positions while Beard-miller raced away. Zemunik fought his way back into third place, while Shane Norris settled into second before the yellows came on for Scott Spark who spun in turn two.

Beard-Miller again led away with Norris and Coyle battling it out for second behind him. Lap nine saw Beard-miller have a half lose that allowed Coyle to assume the lead while Norris stayed second. Zemunik passed Beard-miller for third, but the yellows came on just as it happened, leaving it to go back a lap. The race restarted once more until Justin Wragg spun high in turn four. The leaders came around at a rate of knots and Norris didnt see him in time, spearing into the side of him and losing his front wheel, eliminating both cars from the race. This elevated Beard-miller back into second behind Coyle, with Zemunik back in third.

Beard-miller took the opportunity and raced around the outside to take the lead. Coyle fought back on the low line and the duo spent the next few laps battling for the lead. With five to go Coyle pulled away while Zemunik caught Beard-miller and went under him for second. Despite getting slowed up dramatically in lapped traffic, Coyle continued on to take the win from Zemunik and Beard-miller in a super-impressive win from the rear.

Official Results
Qualifying - 1. Sean Zemunik 14.850, 2. Kris Coyle 14.940, 3. Shane Norris 15.012, 4. Bill Stocks 15.052, 5. Jake Beard-Miller 15.058, 6. Dean Terry 15.110, 7. Sheldon Brady 15.137, 8. Corey Hunter 15.326, 9. Danny Attwood 15.341, 10. Stephen Adley 15.459, 11. Daniel Hawkins 15.500, 12. Scott Spark 15.507, 13. Jason Pryde 15.613, 14. Justin Wragg 16.632, 15. Ryan Schlam 16.788, 16. Aldo De Paioli 16.971, 17. Trent Pigdon NTT.
Race 1 - 1. Kris Coyle, 2. Sean Zemunik, 3. Jake Beard-Miller, 4. Shane Norris, 5. Dean Terry, 6. Sheldon Brady, 7. Bill Stocks, 8. Daniel Hawkins, 9. Corey Hunter, 10. Stephen Adley, 11. Danny Attwood, 12. Jason Pryde.
Race 2 - 1. Sean Zemunik, 2. Kris Coyle, 3. Dean Terry, 4. Jake Beard-Mille, 5. Shane Norris. 6. Aldo De Paioli, 7. Bill Stocks, 8. Ryan Schlam, 9. Scott Spark. DNF: Justin Wragg. DNS: Trent Pigdon.
Race 3 - 1. Daniel Hawkins, 2. Aldo De Paioli, 3. Jason Pryde, 4. Stephen Adley, 5. Scott Spark, 6. Sheldon Brady, 7. Danny Attwood, 8. Corey Hunter, 9. Ryan Schlam, 10. Justin Wragg. DNS: Trent Pigdon.
Feature - 1. Kris Coyle, 2. Sean Zemunik, 3. Jake Beard-miller, 4. Jason Pryde, 5. Sheldon Brady, 6. Dean Terry, 7. Aldo De Paioli, 8. Corey Hunter, 9. Ryan Schlam, 10. Danny Attwood, 11. Stephen Adley, 12. Bill Stocks, 13. Scott Spark. DNF: Daniel Hawkins, Justin Wragg, Shane Norris. DNS: Trent Pigdon.

Limited Sprintcars

The Limited Sprintcars began their night with qualifying. Todd Davis was fastest off the bat, setting QuickTime with a 15.507 ahead of Ben Migro (15.644) and Brayden Miller (15.731)

Race one saw Brayden Miller making the most of his front row start to race away into the lead. He was never headed during the race, with Todd Davis coming home second, while Mick Doble was further back into third.

Race two saw Mick Doble into the early lead ahead of Brett Barndon and Todd Davis. As the laps wound down and Doble pulled further and further away, Davis began to put pressure on Barndon. Unfortunately it was too little too late and Doble took the win from Barndon and Davis.

The third race saw the yellows on early after Gavin Davis spun in turn two. Bruce Farqhar led the field away while Jacob Lucas was quickly into second. Lucas made short work of Farqhar and raced away to a significant lead. He took the win from Farqhar and Robbie Stephens.

Come feature time and it was Todd Davis and Mick Doble sharing the front row. Davis led the opening lap, then the yellows came out on lap two for Bruce Farqhar who had spun, with Gavin Davis having nowhere to go. The restart gave Merv Woolford the opportunity to move past Doble into second place, while behind them the battle between fifth to twelfth places could have had a blanket thrown over it. That group soon became lapped traffic as Davis found himself in the midst of the battle, which allowed Merv Wooldford to come from third and race into the lead and take the win from Davis and Doble.

Official Results
Qualifying - 1. Todd Davis 15.507, 2. Ben Migro 15.644, 3. Brayden Miller 15.731, 4. Mick Doble 15.752, 5. Karl Magerl 15.846, 6. Robbie Stephens 15.996, 7. Merv Woolford 16.101, 8. Jacob Lucas 16.263, 9. Anthony Gaudio 16.277, 10. Bruce Farqhar 16.450, 11. Gavin Davis 16.855, 12. Brett Barndon 17.086, 13. Michael White 17.788, 14. Annette Crabbe 18.506, 15. Ron Burgess 20.226.
Heat 1 - 1. Brayden Miller, 2. Todd Davis, 3. Mick Doble, 4. Ben Migro, 5. Robbie Stephens. 6. Jacob Lucas, 7. Merv Woolford, 8. Anthony Gaudio. DNF: Bruce Farqhar, Gavin Davis. DNS: Karl Magerl.
Heat 2 - 1. Mick Doble, 2. Brett Barndon, 3. Todd Davis, 4. Ben Migro, 5. Brayden Miller, 6. Annette Crabbe, 7. Michael White. DNS: Ron Burgess, Karl Magerl.
Heat 3 - 1. Jacob Lucas, 2. Bruce Farqhar, 3. Merv Woolford, 4. Anthony Gaudio. 5. Robbin Stephens, 6. Brett Barndon, 7. Gavin Davis, 8. Michael White, 9. Annette Crabbe. DNS: Ron Burgess.
Feature - 1. Merv Woolford, 2. Todd Davis, 3. Mick Doble, 4. Brett Barndon, 5. Jacob Lucas, 6. Robbie Stephens, 7. Anthony Gaudio, 8. Brayden Miller, 9. Gavin Davis, 10. Ben Migro, 11. Annette Crabbe, 12. Michael White. DNF: Bruce Farqhar. DNS: Ron Burgess, Karl Magerl.

AJ Cochrane & Sons Formula 500's

A good field of nineteen Formula 500's nominated for the nights racing, despite it not being a championship round. all competitiors are looking to gain an edge heading into the venues Australian Championship, so much so that Matt Brown, who was scheduled to be competing at tonights race meeting at Premier Speedway in Victoria, flew back this afternoon to compete after his original plans were rained on.

the opening race saw Craig Bottrell away at start, with Steven Ellemenr quickly into second, while Todd Broadwood and Brendan Condren fought for third. Brown quickly moved inside the the top runners, firstly grabbing third then fighting with Ellement before taking second. With just one to go abrown had closed on Bottrell and in the last corner Brown went underneath. Bottrell crossed back down to the bottom coming out of the turn but Brown crossed the line in first, just 0.030 seconds ahead of Bottrell, with Ellement third.

Race two saw Brown again leading, this time within the first few laops. Jeremy Saffin was close behind,  but Brown pulled away while Ellement worked Saffin to claim second place. Saffin fought back but again Ellement powered away. Back in the pack were the well presented Nardini brothers in their well preseted cars making their first Formula 500 appearance at the Motorplex. Meanwhile, Saffin went back under Ellement for second while Matt Higgs locked himself onto the duos tail.  Ellement slide under Saffin once more, but again Saffin went back under him on back straight. Ellement however didn't take long to get the place back while Higgs snuck underneath in the closing stages and claimed third place behind Brown and Ellement.

The third and final race of the night saw Brown and Ellement sharing the front row. Brown got the jump and raced away from Ellement, with Todd Brodwood settling into third. Four laps were completed before the yellows came on for Jeff Ross who spun in turn four, but the race was quickly restarted and Brown again absolutely smashed the rest of the opposition as he raced away to a massive lead. As the race wore on however, the gap between Brown and Ellement slowly got smaller, but it was too little too late as Brown still won the twenty lap feature by over a second.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Matt Brown, 2. Craig Bottrell, 3. Steven Ellement, 4. Todd Broadwood, 5. Matt Higgs, 6. Brendan Condren, 7. Jeremy Saffin, 8. Jai Dillon, 9. Luke Nardini, 10. Gavin Connelly, 11. Chanelle Condren, 12. Adrian Tyler, 13. Brett Janssen, 14. Glenn Cross, 15. Jeff Ross, 16. Jamie Nardini, 17. Adam Stewart, 18. Jeff Prentis. DNF: Adrian Haywood.
Race 2. - 1. Matt Brown, 2. Steven Ellement, 3. Matt Higgs, 4. Jeremy Saffin, 5. Luke Nardini, 6. Jamie Nardini. 7. Todd Broadwood, 8. Brett Janssen, 9. Brendan Condren, 10. Craig Bottrell, 11. Jai Dillon, 12. Chanelle Condren, 13. Gavin Connelly, 14. Jeff Prentis, 15. Adrian Haywood, 16. Jeff Ross. DNF: Adam Stewart, Glenn Cross. DNS: Adrian Tyler.
Race 3 - 1. Matt Brown, 2. Steven Ellement, 3. Todd Broadwood, 4. Matt Higgs, 5. Brendan Condren, 6. Jamie Nardini, 7. Luke Nardini, 8. Jai Dillon, 9. Adrian Haywood, 10. Brett Janssen, 11. Glenn Cross, 12. Gavin Connelly, 13. Jeff Ross. DNF: Jeremy Saffin, Jeff Prentis, Craig Bottrell, Chanelle Condren. DNS: Adrian Tyler, Adam Stewart.



The Pool Shop Group Speedcars

A small field of speedcars also made their way to the Motorplex for the first time since the Magic Man race in early November. The first race saw Bradford, back in the KTEQ #7, off the front and he went straight to the lead. Travis White followed with Scott Glazebrook, driving an unfamiliar car, in third. Blake Mills put pressure on Glazebrook early, but as he began to battle with Alfirevich the duo dropped back slightly. The yellows then came on for Ryan Condren who spun his car in turn four in his first ever meeting in a speedcar.

Bradford led away the restart and quickly opened up a significant gap, while behind him White, Glazebrook and Mills were stuck in a follow the leader situation. As the race continued, Mills again put pressure on Glazebrook, while White pulled away and set about chasing down Bradford. With just a handful of laps to go Bradford suddenly slowed and went infield, handing White the lead. White held the position and went on to claim the win from Glazebrook and Mills.

After Kaiden Manders had huge smoke issues leaving the track after race one and didn't start the second race, Dan Golding and Blake Mills shared the front row, with Golding getting the jump. Golding led the whole race despite Mills being all over his back, but it wasn't enough as Golding won from Mills and Alfirevich.

The third race saw Dan Golding and Blake Mills again on the front row as highest point scorers so far. As the race went green, Travis White ended up spinning in turn one, bringing out the yellows. On the restart Alfirevich found himself half spinning also, but he was able to keep it going. A lap later Ryan Condren went around in the same corner to once again bring out the yellows.

The restart saw Golding away from the rest of the field while Glazebrook jumped into second and White raced back through the field into third. Alfirevich then retired, leaving just six cars remaining on track. Condren spun again in turn four, which bought the yellows out once more with eight laps to go. The restart gave Glazebrook the opportunity he needed to take the lead while White and Mills followed him through to relegate Golding into fourth place. Mills ran wide in the closing laps and allowed Golding back through into third but it didnt make a difference up front as Glazebrook took the win from White.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Travis White, 2. Scott Glazebrook, 3. Blake Mills, 4. Daniel Golding, 5. Jack Alfirevich, 6. Kaiden Manders, 7. Ryan Condren. DNF: Shaun Bradford, Bob Goddard.
Race 2 - 1. Daniel Golding, 2. Blake Mills, 3. Jack Alfirevich, 4. Travis White, 5. Ryan Condren, 6. Bob Goddard. DNF: Scott Glazebrook. DNS: Kaiden Manders, Shaun Bradford.
Race 3 - 1. Scott Glazebrook, 2. Travis White, 3. Daniel Golding, 4. Blake Mills, 5. Ryan Condren. DNF: Bob Goddard, Jack Alfirevich. DNS: Kaiden Manders, Shaun Bradford.
Overall Points - 1. Travis White 296, 2. Daniel Golding 295, 3. Blake Mills 294, 4. Ryan Condren 286, 5. Scott Glazebrook 278, 6. Jack Alfirevich 283, 7. Bob Goddard 253, 8. Kaiden Manders 253, 9. Shaun Bradford 237.

V8 Dirt Modifieds

The V8 Dirt Modifieds had a decent field on hand for action tonight and the opening race saw Kristian Falconbridge lead away Raz Pederson. Somehow the two leaders found themselves spinning together, leaving veteran Peter Cox to take the lead. From here he built an unassailable lead and took the win from Peter Forbes and Vin Smith.

Race two saw Vin Smith stranded up against the turn three fence early with a damaged front end. At the complete restart, Peter Forbes made the most of his front row start to go on and take win from Pederson and Cox. Race three was identical to the second and Peter Cox secured the overall win ahead of Forbes and Pederson.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Peter Cox, 2. Vin Smith, 3. Kristen Falconbridge. 4. Bianca Smith, 5. Raz Pederson, 6. Peter Forbes. DNF: Courtney Pinker.
Race 2 - 1. Peter Forbes, 2. Raz Pederson, 3. Peter Cox, 4. Kristen Falconbridge, 5. Bianca Smith, 6. Courtney Pinker. DNF: Vin Smith.
Race 3 - 1. Peter Forbes, 2. Raz Pederson, 3. Peter Cox, 4. Kristen Falconbridge, 5. Bianca Smith, 6. Courtney Pinker. DNS: Vin Smith.
Overall Points - 1. Peter Cox 296, 2. Peter Forbes 295, 3. Raz Pederson 294, 4. Kristen Falconbridge 292, 5. Bianca Smith 289, 6. Courtney Pinker 269, 7. Vin Smith 257.

Wingless Sprints

A huge field was on hand for tonight, possibly as teams look to iron out all the final bugs before the divisions national title in a few weeks time. the first race got off to a bad start as Dean Gittos got mixed up, spinning Chad Gordon around. The whole field bared down on Gordon and it left Troy Tomlinson nowhere to go, cannoning into the side of him and bringing out the reds, with Gittos sent rear.

The field restarted and it was Michael Keen who raced into the lead. He was chased by his brother Daniel until the yellows came on once more for a spun car. The restart saw Tom Payet grab the lead from the Keen brothers while Michael went wide, over corrected and made contact with his brother. Both continued without losing positions, but the yellows came out not long after for another spun car. Again the race restarted until Michael Keen ended up against the turn two wall and the race was declared.

Race two saw Ash Hounsfield leading, with new comer Ben Van Ryt not far behind him. The impressive Brendon Wedge grabbed second place on lap four, then the yellows came out for a spun car and Wedge headed infield as the field formed up once again, giving Van Ryt second and Phil Taylor third. With four laps to go at the restart, Marshall McDiarmid fought hard to grab third place. From here the order was unchanged, with Hounsfield claiming the win from Van Ryt and McDiarmid.

Steve Bergin led race three from the front while Daniel Coleman came from position eight to challenge him for the lead. The yellows came out for a car stopped in turn two which gave Coleman the opportunity he needed to go for the lead, until the red lights came out after Jono Coyle ran into Travis Southwell, seeing the two cars bounce. Coyle lost his front end in the incident and headed infield but other cars behind him got involved, seeing rookie Paul Fiedler roll over. The race restarted and again Bergin led away, with Coleman applying the pressure. Coleman got so close that he nudged Bergin which slowed him and saw Cameron McKenzie run into him. The race kept going with Bergin leading, but by now Payet was on the scene and looking for a way past Coleman. He got Coleman then went underneath Bergin in the last corner to take the win.

Daniel Coleman led the opening lap of the feature. Cars were going every which way behind him, culminating when Marshall McDiarmid spun in turn two on the second lap and was then hit squarely by Dean Gittos and Brad Taylor, eliminating Taylor and McDiarmid in an incident that included a small fire. Coleman led away the restart from Daniel Keen and Payet, but it was short lived as Dene McAllan found himself meeting the turn two wall to bring out the yellows once again. Coleman led away once more, with Daniel Keen and Tyson Bryden behind him this time as Payet headed infield. Ash Hounsfield and McKenzie began to put pressure on Bryden as the laps wore down, then with four laps to go Colemans machine blew out a puff of smoke that saw him head infield. This handed the lead to Keen, with Bryden now second and Hounsfield third. As the flag flew it was Keen who took the win from Bryden and McKenzie who got under Hounsfield at the last second.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Daniel Keen, 2. Tyson Bryden, 3. Daniel Coleman, 4. Dene McAllan, 5. Brad Taylor, 6. Cameron McKenzie, 7. Jono Coyle, 8. Dean Gittos, 9. Travis Southwell, 10. Tyron Herbert, 11. Steve Bergin, 12. Mitchell Wormall, 13. Brayden Burgess, 14. Paul Fiedler.
Race 2 - 1. Ash Hounsfield, 2. Ben Van Ryt, 3. Marshall McDiarmid, 4. Tyson Bryden, 5. Brad Taylor, 6. Daniel Keen, 7. Phil Taylor, 8. Hayden Wells, 9. Jason Priolo, 10. Dean Gittos, 11. Brayden Burgess, 12. Ryan Johnstone, 13. Anthony Dye. DNF: Brendon Wedge, Daniel Hartigan, Bradley Fitzgerald. DNS: Michael Keen, Chad Gordon, Matt Vincent.
Race 3 - 1. Tom Payet, 2. Steve Bergin, 3. Daniel Coleman, 4. Dene McAllan, 5. Cameron McKenzie, 6. Jason Priolo, 7. Daniel Hartigan, 8. Ash Hounsfield, 9. Ryan Johnstone, 10. Travis Southwell, 11. Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Steven Rice, Tyron Herbert, Jono Coyle, Paul Fiedler, Brendon Wedge, Hayden Wells, Ben Van Ryt. DNS: Troy Tomlinson, Phil Taylor, Bradley Fitzgerald.
Feature - 1. Daniel Keen, 2. Tyson Bryden, 3. Cameron Mcakenzie, 4. Ash Hounsfield, 5. Jono Coyle, 6. Ben Van Ryt, 7. Jason Priolo, 8. Daniel Hartigan, 9. Dean Gittos, 10. Steve Bergin, 11. Anthony Dye, 12. Travis Southwell, 13. Brayden Burgess, 14 Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Daniel Coleman, Tom Payet, Dene McAllan, Marshall McDiarmid, Brad Taylor, Ryan Johnstone, Brendon Wedge. DNS: Michael Keen, Chad Gordon, Paul Fiedler, Matt Vincent, Troy Tomlinson, Steven Rice, Bradley Fitzgerald, Hayden Wells, Tyron Herbert, Phil Taylor. 


Junior Sedans City vs Country Challenge

An exciting concept debuted tonight at the Motorplex for the Junior Sedans, with the first Country versus City Challenge. Fourteen cars were to compete with seven representing the country and seven representing the city.

The opening race was an absolute lungbuster between the leaders Blake Watson, Jayden Meckenstock and George Eaton. Drew Ogle spun early before Jamie Higgs and Brad Boley got together and bought on the yellows. It was a great finish between the top three as they fought for position but in the end it was Watson who outlasted Eaton and Meckenstock.

Race two was as exciting as the first. Cars went every which way as they tried to gain posiiton, including Josh Fraser who, in his first night out in the new car, spun and was heavily collected by Travis Armstrong. The restart saw Watson half lose the model and this left George Eaton to go on and claim the win from Boley and Watson who recovered for third.

The third race saw some close calls in the opening lap, including Blake Watson who at one stage was leading, but spun in front of the field. He was able to keep going and it was Drew Ogle who led the field until the yellows came on for Ryan Mitchell and Cameron Alfirevich who were stuck together in turn four.

The restart saw another two drivers spin and again the yellows were out. Again Ogle led away, with Eaton quickly working the outside line to move into second. Ogle went on to claim the win from Eaton and Armstrong.

The final race of the night was all about the country as George Eaton and Blake Watson drove away from the field. Behind them was a four car battle for third between Drew Ogle, Josh Fraser, Jayden Meckenstock and Jarrin Bielby. Eaton and Watson battled door to door while Ogle broke into a clear third place ahead of Fraser. Watson pulled ahead of Eaton, while Fraser ducked underneath Ogle, then half a lap later Eaton went back under Watson. Watson was having none of it and on the next turn reclaimed the lead. Fraser closed on Eaton and stuck his front bumper underneath him before Ogle spun just behind them and bought on the yellows. The restart saw Watson, Eaton and Fraser pull away, with Eaton trying everything he could to get underneath Watson. With two laps to go Eaton made his move and grabbed the lead, Watson fought hard, but Eaton was too strong and took the win from Watson and Fraser.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Blake Watson, 2. George Eaton, 3. jayden Meckenstock, 4. Josh Fraser, 5. Travis Armstrong, 6. Jarrin Bielby, 7. Mitchell Nelson, 8. Jordan McDonald, 9. Cameron Alfirevich, 10. Brandon Campbell, 11. Drew Ogle, 12. Jamie Higgs, 13. Brock Boley. DNF: Ryan Mitchell.
Race 2 - 1. George Eaton, 2. Brock Boley, 3. Blake Watson, 4. Jayden Meckenstock, 5. Jarrin Bielby, 6. Drew Ogle, 7. Jamie Higgs, 8. Josh Fraser, 9. Brandon Campbell, 10. Jordan McDonald, 11. Cameron Alfirevich, 12. Mitchell Nelson. DNF:Travis Armstrong. DNS: Ryan Mitchell.
Race 3 - 1. Drew Ogle, 2. George Eaton, 3. Travis Armstrong, 4. Josh Fraser, 5. Brock Boley, 6. Jayden Meckenstock, 7. Blake Watson, 8. Jamie Higgs, 9. Jarrin Bielby, 10. Brandon Campbell, 11. Cameron Alfirevich. DNF:Mitchell Nelson, Jordan McDonald, Ryan Mitchell.
Race 4 - 1. George Eaton, 2. Blake Watson, 3. Josh Fraser, 4. Brock Boley, 5. Jamie Higgs, 6. Jayden Meckenstock, 7. Jarrin Bielby, 8. Drew Ogle, 9. Cameron Alfirevich, 10. Brandon Campbell. DNF: Mitchell Nelson, Travis Armstrong. DNS: Jordan McDonald, Ryan Mitchell.
Overall Points - 1. George Eaton 398, 2. Blake Watson 391, 3. Josh Fraser 385, 4. Jayden Meckenstock 385, 5. Brock Boley 380, 6. Drew Ogle 378, 7. Jarrin Bielby 377, 8. Jamie Higgs 372, 9. Brandon Campbell 365, 10. Cameron Alfirevich 364, 11. Travis Armstrong 352, 12. Jordan McDonald 342, 13. Mitchell Nelson 341, 14. Ryan Mitchell 316. 

New Star Juniors

The New Star Juniors had a seperate field to the more experienced challenge competitiors. Mitch Killeen, despite being relatively new to racing, dominated the opening race, claiming the win from Caleb Haddon and Chantelle Bate, while the second race was much the same. Race three saw Killeen and Haddon again first and second respectively, though Alex Swift got up to finish in third. The final race however was a return to the previous results with Bate third, while overall points also went to Killeen over Haddon and Bate.

Official Results
Race 1 - 1. Mitch Killeen, 2. Caleb Haddon, 3. Chantelle Bate, 4. Isaac Arnold, 5. Alex Swift.
Race 2 - 1. Mitch Killeen, 2. Caleb Haddon, 3. Chantelle Bate, 4. Alex Swift, 5. Isaac Arnold.
Race 3 - 1. Mitch Killeen, 2. Caleb Haddon, 3. Alex Swift, 4. Chantelle Bate, 5. Isaac Arnold.
Race 4 - 1. Mitch Killeen, 2. Caleb Haddon, 3. Chantelle Bate, 4. Alex Swift, 5. Isaac Arnold.
Overall Points - 1. Mitch Killeen 400, 2. Caleb haddon 396, 3. Chantelle Bate 391, 4. Alex Swift 388, 5. Isaac Arnold 385.
Street Stocks and Productions

The Production Sedan and Street Stock divisions joined together for tonights action due to the program being packed full. The opener saw John Tarandetti leading early, with the yellows coming out for Laura Byrnes and George Lanoue who found themselves stranded in turn three. Cars went everywhere on the restart, with Mike Smith coming from a long way back to be in third place, while Brad Mitchell also started way back and was looking under Tarandetti for second place with only a few to go. It wasnt quite enough though and the order remained unchanged as he chequers flew.

Race two saw a number of restarts over the distance. Mark Byrnes led the whole race, surviving all restarts, but then spun himself out on the last lap. He was able to keep going but dropped back to sixth, with Mike Smith getting the win from Damon Trouchet and Josh Martinelli.

The final race of the evening saw a few cars missing due to earlier issues, but it was Mark Byrnes who was looking to redeem himself as he grabbed the lead. Damon Trouchet, who missed the opening race, fought his way through the field into second place and set about chasing Byrnes down. Just as he got on his tail, the yellows came out for a stranded car and the field was bunched up once more. Byrnes was at the point for the whole race until two laps to go when Trouchet ducked underneath him and grabbed the lead. Mark Byrnes finished behind Trouchet in second while Laura Byrnes was able to race her way into third until just before the line when Brad Mitchell got underneath her. The two made contact and Byrnes was lucky to avoid serious contact with the wall, but the race was declared, seeing Mitchell grab third.

Official results
Race 1 - 1.John  Tarandetti, 2. Brad Mitchell, 3. Mike Smith, 4. Greg Wraight, 5. Owen Scott, 6. Mark Byrnes, 7. Jim Gilmour, 8. Darren Reid, 9. Shane Wray, 10. George Lanoue, 11. Barry Rawle. DNF: Laura Byrnes, Rod Allen, Josh Martinelli, Daniel Sutton, Ben Ferris. DNS: Damon Trouchet, Mitch Connor.
Race 2 - 1.Mike Smith, 2. Damon Trouchet, 3. Josh Martinelli, 4. Greg Wraight, 5. Brad Mitchell, 6. Mark Byrnes, 7. Shane Wray, 8. Darren Reid, 9. George Lanoue, 10. Barry Rawle. DNF: Jim Gilmour, John Tarandetti, Laura Byrnes, Mitch Connor, Owen Scott, Daniel Sutton. DNS: Rod Allen, Ben Ferris.
Race 3 - 1. Damon Trouchet, 2. Mark Byrnes, 3. Brad Mitchell, 4. John Tarandetti, 5. Greg Wraight, 6. Mike Smith, 7. Shane Wray, 8. Josh Martinelli, 9. Darren Reid, 10. Barry Rawle, 11. George Lanoue, 12. Ben Ferris, 13. Laura Byrnes. DNF: Owen Scott. DNS: Jim Gilmour, Rod Allen, Mitch Cooper, Daniel Sutton.
Overall Points (Productions) - 1. Brad Mitchell 295, 2. Greg Wraight 293, 3. Mark Byrnes 292, 4. Darren Reid 285, 5. George Lanoue 282, 6. Damon Trouchet 279, 7. John Tarandetti 276, 8. Owen Scott 255, 9. Jim Gil;mour 253, 10. Laura Byrnes 251, 11. Rod Allen 237, 12. Mitch Connor 237.
Overall Points (Street Stocks) - 1. Mike Smith 300, 2. Shane Wray 296, 3. Barry Rawle 292, 4. Josh Martinelli 276, 5. Ben Ferris 254, 6. Daniel Sutton 237.