Payday fit for a King: Franks Challenge at the King of Wings

Just like last year’s Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings…the 42nd edition of the event will run across a 40 lap feature race – including a pitstop…and a twist.



Payday fit for a King: Franks Challenge at the King of Wings
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The 42nd Annual Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings brings about a huge night of Speedway racing! Its all about “those things with wings” in the words of Mr Speedway himself – Con Migro.


Saturday night will host almost 100 sets of wings! Featuring:

  • 27x Maddington Toyota Sprintcars
  • 14x Pro Sprintcars
  • 28x Merv Woolford Limited Sprintcars
  • 17x Opal Finance Formula 500’s
  • 13x Outlaw Karts

Frank’s Fan Challenge

Last year, Frank Scardifield presented a unique challenge to the drivers of the Maddington Toyota Sprintcars: Lead the race at the pit stop…and go on to win; and double your prize money!

James Inglis completed that feat at the wheel of the Diamond Bay Motorsport w26, picking up $10,000 for his troubles…along with the crown and title of “King James the 41st”


The 42nd edition of the King of Wings will pay $7,500 to win, with Frank deciding to step things up a notch – with a NEW Challenge…and he wants the fans to get behind it!
Go back to the 3rd row of the grid on a double file restart after the pitstop….win the race from there and double your money for a $15,000 payday!

  • At the pitstop (randomly triggered between laps 12 and 20) the leading driver will be offered the chance to take on Frank’s Fan challenge
  • If the driver accepts, they will be given the choice to restart 5th (inside) or 6th (outside) on the 3rd row
  • For every position they make up by the finish – they will earn a $1,000 per car passed
  • If the driver goes on to win the feature race, their money will be doubled! And take home a cool $15,000
  • If the driver fails to finish the feature, they will still take home a $2,000 bonus

“Some drivers need a little bit of encouragement to take on something like Franks Fan Challenge…so we want the fans to get behind the program and make as much noise as possible during the pitstop, get chanting ‘TAKE IT ON! TAKE IT ON!’ to the leading driver…a bit of peer pressure every once in a while doesn’t hurt!” – Gavin Migro – Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager



Work Area Adjustments

Due to the longer-than-normal feature race at the King of Wings, The work area rules for the Maddington Toyota Sprintcars have been amended slightly for this event – with only changes made to the duration the work area will remain open:

  • For the King of Wings 40 lap feature, the work area will remain open for 20 minutes, or until the race crosses the halfway point (20 laps) – whichever comes first.

Franks Bonus

In his own way of sharing the love above and beyond the Maddington Toyota Sprintcars, Frank Scardifield has also generously offered a bonus $500 each to the winners of Pro Sprintcars, the Merv Woolford Limited Sprintcars and the Opal Finance Formula 500’s on Saturday Night.


“The support we have received over the years, not just from the competitors…but from the greater speedway family is just incredible. I’m so happy to give a little bit back to speedway to say thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing who will take on my challenge – encouraged by the fans on Saturday night” – Frank Scardifield – Scardifields Smash Repairs


Saturday night,..Perth Motorplex is the place to be. The 42nd Annual Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings! Featuring 99 things with wings from the Maddington Toyota Sprintcars, Pro Sprintcars, Merv Woolford Limited Sprintcars, the Opal Finance Formula 500’s and Outlaw Karts! Plus the recently announced additions of Michael Pickens (NZ) , Brenten Farrer (VIC) and Luke Oldfield (QLD) travelling into the ‘Plex to challenge the Maddington Toyota Sprintcars Series regulars! Get your tickets HERE.